FinTech Studio

We build FinTechs

FinTech Studio debuts FinTech companies that have the potential to re-shape financial markets as they work today. We are not passive financiers. We partner with very few companies. When we do, we roll up our sleeves and get to work helping on strategy, operations, recruiting, and partnership intros.

What we do


We partner with entrepreneurs who identify problems that almost no one sees because of habituation and dare to solve them with a view to change the status quo.


We leverage proprietary, field tested incubation processes, to rapidly build platforms, teams, legal frameworks and operational processes to realize fast scaling.


We help accelerate the growth of ventures we partner with. Our growth services include fast international scaling, fund raising, and M&A support.



Establishing an easier-to-understand and securitizable alternative for ratings



Moving Corporate Treasury capital and risk management to the cloud

Incubation Services

Our incubation services enable entrepreneurs to focus on designing and managing products that conquer markets. You can achieve so much when you truly focus.


Software architecture for front to back end development, incl. proprietary artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, autonomy and internet-of-things (IoT) frameworks

Development Operations

Kubernetes support for automating application deployment, scaling, and management across clusters of hosts, esp. when using Portworx solutions and Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Agile Management

Integration of agile methods that have in common that they stand for short development cycles, frequent feedback, high quality and respect for all team members


Design is how things work. We believe in a "less but better" design strategy for timeless quality. We apply this simplicity-principle on the entire corporate UX, incl. UI and industrial design

Finance, Legal & Admin Support

Our ventures benefit from our shared accounting and administration functions, which include our network of specialist law firms for contract designs and legal opinions

Partnerships & Recruiting

Our ventures do not waste time as we help them with our contacts from the financial and tech community to create appropriate partnerships or find the right professionals

Growth Services

Growth requires a plan for fast international scaling, capital and partnerships. FinTech Studio provides growth services in all these areas.

Fast Scaling

Together with our ventures, we solve regulatory compliance issues, national KYC requirements, international contracts and cross-border payments

Fund raising

Searching for investors is a time-consuming process. FinTech Studio provides a fund raising process that proved to be successful in many financing rounds


We help companies reach the next level faster by vertical and/or horizontal integration of services in form of acquisitions, cooperations or service level agreements


For questions about our company and services, please send us a message. In case you want to pitch a fintech idea that we should consider for investment, send us a pitch teaser with the following elements: problem, solution, market potential, competition, business model, team, financials, and vision


Call: +49 15117165351
Email: partner{at}fintech-studio.com


Carsten-Rehder-Str. 50
22767 Hamburg, Germany

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